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Why you need a Land Surveyor?

Land surveys is very import when buying a new land or building anything new (Fencing, extending, etc.) on your land. Call a Professional Land Surveyor before building anything on your land. Getting a survey done can keep you out of expensive legal troubles caused by boundary disputes.

Get a survey done if:

1. You are buying a new piece of property (Land). The reason is you need to make sure that what you think you're buying is actually what you're buying and to validate the extent of the property.

2. You are constructing anything new on your property. The reason is; You need to know where your property building line so you can able to adhere to your local authority's regulations. And to avoid building onto your neighbor's Land.

3. You suspect that your neighbor is encroaching on your property or violating any regulations.

Have your erf number ready and call us if you need a survey done. If you have any question or you don't understand something  contact us or see our commonly asked questions below.

Commonly asked Questions:

1.       What is an erf number and where can I find it?


Your erf number is your unique land parcel number in your township (incl. extension) that is linked to your Title Deed. It is printed on your monthly water and electricity or Municipality account.  Alternatively you can find it on your Title Deeds OR give us with your street address and suburb; we will then tell you what your erf number is.

2.       What is a servitude?


A Servitude is a right over your land (e.g. access, pipeline conveyance, etc.) and in favor of another property or a person. The extents of the servitude are either shown on your erf diagram or are defined relative to a boundary in the title deed of the property.

3.       What is the area/size of my property?


The area of each property is shown on the erf diagram representing the property. You can get a copy of your diagram by calling us.